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Kelley Zenchuk

 Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor 

serving Hernando County and Northern Pasco County 


Hello and Welcome!

Many reasons bring individuals to counseling including relationship issues, job changes, death of a loved one,  a long term illness, graduation, or the birth of  a child.  Life experiences, good or bad, can lead to symptoms of anxiety, depression, or both.  You're not alone! Everyone at some point has needed some assistance navigating through life's many challenges and obstacles.  The decision to reach out for 

 help is the first step to feeling better.  

Together we will identify goals for therapy focusing on coping skills that will provide you with relief and to reduce your current distress level.  Your plan for therapy will include monitoring progress on a regular basis and personalized home-work to practice and review between sessions. 

 Regardless of what reason you decided to begin a counseling relationship, I am committed working with you whatever your life story may be.  Together, we will work to help you to uncover any thing that is keeping you from having a full rewarding life. 

 *By Law Therapists are required to rep​ort any cases where we learn about threats of self harm, or others including child/elderly abuse.

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